How to Keep Teachers Energetic While Teaching

The figure of an energetic and reliable teacher is a teacher who is liked by students. This law of reciprocity applies also within the classroom. If the teacher is full of enthusiasm for teaching, then students will also be eager in learning. Therefore, Smart Teachers must be able to look excellent so that they can provide an interesting and meaningful education.

How to teach energetically and always look excellent when teaching, Smart Teachers can do the following tips.

How to Keep Teachers Energetic While Teaching

1. Maintain Health and Body Fitness

Energetic teaching to teachers requires a healthy and fit body condition. If the Smart Teacher is weak, tired, and lethargic, it will greatly affect the performance when teaching in the classroom. This will automatically be transmitted to students so that students will also feel unapproached in following the lesson.

Tips for maintaining fitness for teachers while maintaining health can be done in several ways, including as below:

a. Consume healthy and nutritious foods

Energetic teachers are synonymous with healthy teachers. In order for the body to always be healthy, it needs adequate nutritional intake from the food that Guru Pintar consumes. The food menu that Guru Pintar consumes must be balanced with protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral content. Eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting carbohydrate and sugar intake really helps Guru Pintar stay healthy and away from all diseases

b. Exercise

Who does not know that to get a healthy and fit body requires exercise. Smart Teachers can schedule light exercise every day so that the body stays healthy and fit. There is no need to go to the Gym every day, yes. Smart Teachers can exercise lightly such as jogging, walking, gymnastics, cycling, swimming, and so on.

c. Drink enough water

In order for a healthy and fit body, it requires sufficient water intake. Guru Pintar can drink enough water, at least 8 glasses per day, to make circulation and various processes that take place in the body become balanced.

d. Get enough rest

Lack of sleep will make the body lethargic and lackluster. Therefore, Smart Master must be good at managing time well. Do not let the body be fortified too hard so that the body does not get enough time to rest.

2. Maintain the Mood

A good teacher must be able to build a mood. Don’t let the trivial little things make the Smart Teacher’s mood damaged and have an effect on learning activities. So that the Mood is always maintained properly, Smart Teachers can do the following:

  1. Always have a positive mind
  2. Avoid toxic things or people that can damage the mood
  3. Give yourself positive affirmations every day

3. Prepare for learning carefully

One of the tips to keep teachers excited about teaching is to have careful preparation. In addition to personal self-preparation such as health and fitness and good mood, teaching performance in the classroom is also influenced by whether or not smart teachers are ready to teach. When the Smart Teacher has prepared all the teaching administration, teaching media, and mastered the concepts of the lessons to be given to students, then there is no reason for the Smart Teacher not to be passionate about teaching.

Because of the foregoing, Smart Teachers are obliged to design interesting learning. Choose a teaching technique that suits the character and needs of the student. the skill of opening and closing lessons can also make students enthusiastic in learning, so prepare as well as possible.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

It turns out that what we wear can affect feelings and motivation in activities. Make sure the Smart Teacher wears clothes that are liked and also comfortable of course. This can bring a positive message and also build confidence.

5. Smile and use gestures

Teachers are excited to learn will make students excited about learning as well. Show the enthusiasm and spirit of the Smart Teacher when teaching with facial expressions, body movements, and also the position when teaching. A smile is one of the expressions that smart teachers must show. A smile can not only make others, in this case students, feel at ease, but it is also very useful for Smart Teachers to send a message in themselves to feel happy and happy. The body position indicated by the energetic teacher usually walks up to the students or walks from one corner of the classroom to another so that the students are not bored. Hand movements, eye sight and other body movements will help to give an energetic and passionate message. Of course, don’t overdo it because it will make students split in concentration. But do not also teach by sitting in the teacher’s chair from the beginning of the lesson to the end of the lesson.

5 Powerful Skills for Teachers to Appear Confident

Self-confidence is one of the important traits that smart Teachers must have. A teacher is a figure who is in the center of attention of all his students. Smart teachers must appear excellent in providing examples as well as a sense of security and comfort to students. In order to carry out their duties optimally, smart teachers must have physical, mental health and have self-confidence. A teacher who has high self-confidence can easily express all the potential and expertise possessed to provide the best for his students.

Teachers are smart, have self-confidence so that we can behave more positively. How are powerful moves to increase self-confidence? Check out the full review below!

1. Know Yourself

The first way to increase self-confidence is to recognize yourself. As Master smart knows, everyone has advantages and disadvantages. No one person has perfection. When you make a mistake, don’t immediately feel that it is a fatal thing. Make mistakes or failures that smart teachers experience as material for evaluating themselves to become a better person later.

To recognize yourself, smart Teachers can use SWOT analysis. Focus on the advantages that master is smart. Develop good things that have been ingrained in yourself so that the competencies that smart teachers have are more honed. Use the weaknesses that smart teachers have as motivation to learn and improve themselves. Feel free to give yourself rewards and compliments when you succeed. Because it is also a form of gratitude that can accelerate self-confidence.

2. Pay Attention to Posture

Without us realizing it, the teacher’s posture when standing or sitting has a positive effect and can be contagious to students. For example, when the Master is smart to stand or sit firmly, the body indirectly sends positive signals to all the cells of the body. So that without the smart Master realizing it, it has built self-confidence.

Posture will send a message to the brain. With the right style and position, Master’s feelings of being smart will easily be carried away. The voices became louder, smiles burst wide, and the students would definitely enjoy the learning.

3. Maintain Association

In the world of work, smart Teachers will meet people who have a variety of traits. Getting along with people who are always complaining and feeling inferior will make Master smart become unconfident. Similarly, if Master is smart to get along with people who always like to give scathing criticism, Master smart will always feel afraid of making mistakes.

To foster high self-confidence, smart Teachers should always associate with people who always think positively and have a common vision and mission. Thus smart Teachers will always get an injection of motivation and not focus too much on people who can exert a bad influence. This does not mean that smart Teachers must limit associations, smart teachers only have to be able to sort out which friends to listen to in order to be awake from insecure towards themselves.

It’s better to establish relationships with people who can appreciate you. Getting along with positive and supportive people can keep you motivated to be a better person, so you can develop into a confident person.

4. Instill Mindfulness in Yourself

Teachers are smart, confident attitudes can be built by applying mindfulness. Resident life coach Grace Zhu in a Sangha Retreat webinar, Wednesday (12/8) said that Mindfulness is to be aware of what we feel. By realizing it, we can know what we are doing, know the responsibility, and also what we can do next.

Mindfulness not only becomes a way to increase self-confidence, but also has very benefits for physical and psychic health. Practicing mindfulness is not difficult. Smart teachers can practice mindfulness from trusted coaches, or practice independently.

5. Improve Competence

Sometimes the source of self-confidence comes from feelings of ignorance or lack of knowledge. To avoid this, Master is smart never tired of learning. If the smart Master has qualified competencies, there is no reason for the smart Master to be inferior. Even with these competencies, smart teachers can share knowledge not only with students during learning, but also with colleagues.

There are many ways to increase competence that lead to increased self-confidence. Smart teachers can attend various seminars or trainings, read a lot, discuss frequently, or if possible can deepen their knowledge through formal schooling channels by continuing their education to a higher level.