5 Ways to Eliminate Overthinking Easily

How to get rid of overthinking when, for example, some time ago Jungkook’s Instagram feed was raib? There are ARMIes who can still sleep peacefully, but some who are overthinking. Which team were you on at that time, Smart Buddy?

In fact, it doesn’t take long for us to get the answer to why Jungkook has made some SOLDIERS not sleep well. But until that time comes, every ARMY must have a way to overcome the overthinking they are experiencing – or just don’t realize that at that time you are overthinking?

Overthinking, There But Not Always Felt

“Nope, I’m not overthinking!” or “Am I overthinking, huh?” are two of the various reactions when we get the “accusation” of overthinking. Maybe you’re denial, maybe you’re also unaware that you’re overthinking, or various other possibilities. Understandably, overthinking is when you worry about something or are immersed in the same thought over and over again.

For example, you overthinking your boyfriend because your short message is not immediately replied to. There are a series of thoughts and concerns that arise whenever your message is just a blue tick. “Doesn’t he love me anymore?” or “Does he have a new crush?” or “Does he care more about his friends than me?” or “I’m going to make a mistake, anyway?” to “Do I not deserve to be loved?” Yes, you can continue it yourself.

Such is the overthinking, which can “multiply” only from a tick. You don’t feel good about eating, watching dramas is not focused, let alone studying! Worse still, sometimes the person himself does not realize that he is anxious and overthinking.

Realizing, Accepting Anxiety

You’ve certainly been advised that anything excessive is not good. So it is with overthinking or, literally translated, overthinking. When overthinking, as mentioned above, you are likely to drown in thinking about something the same, again and again, until your daily routines and tasks become chaotic.

Maybe you think of something that has passed, for example, the cause of your message not being replied to immediately by your boyfriend like the example above, or you are worried about the results of UTBK and where you will go to college next semester. This kind of overthinking can make you feel “stuck,” often barking, and not knowing what to do or what to do.

If anyone reprimands you too often, take a moment to dig in yourself, are you overthinking something? If you are irritable, overly sensitive and reactive to simple things, ask the same. Likewise, if you feel like crying for no apparent reason. Also pay attention to whether you wake up in the morning and feel tired. Look at your diet, has your appetite increased or actually dropped drastically?

There are various signs that can indicate a person is overthinking. Everyone may show different signs, but there must be an overthinking impact seen by family or friends. If they reprimand you, maybe it’s time to start trying to accept the fact that you’re indeed overthinking something and need a way to reduce that overthinking.

How to Overcome Overthinking

We need to overcome overthinking so as not to negatively impact our physical and mental health, Smart Buddy. So, how do you avoid overthinking? Here are some tips that you can try.

Find the causes and patterns of your overthinking

It feels almost impossible to find a way not to overthinking instantly. If you are not used to applying mindfulness in your daily life, try taking small notes.

Write down in your notes what kind of moments make it easy for you to feel anxious and overthink. Once your notes are long enough, you’ll start to find patterns and causes that overthinking you. In the future, you can start to get excited when the moment of the originator of overthinking arrives.

For example, going back to the example above, when your boyfriend doesn’t immediately answer a message, you can leave your phone in the room. Then, you choose to keep yourself busy with various activities outside the room instead of feeling anxious and overthinking about unanswered messages.

Fight your own thoughts

This way of overcoming excessive overthinking is easier to theorize than to practice. To deal with the overthinking you feel, try to counteract that thought by presenting at least one piece of evidence. For example, you don’t feel like you deserve to be loved just because your one message hasn’t been answered by your boyfriend. Try sending a message to your bestie or directly convey the question to Mamah. You can guess the result?

Listen and see from another point of view

If your bestie says you’re overthinking, maybe that’s a point. If Mamah says you’re too anxious for no apparent reason, she’s most likely right. Have you ever felt that you were stylish enough, but Mamah still told you to change clothes? That’s how it is, sometimes we have a hard time seeing ourselves, Smart Buddy. There’s nothing wrong with listening to what others are saying and broadening your point of view, right?

Exercise, dance, do something

Wait, don’t rush to skip. Like it or not, one way to get rid of overthinking easily is to move your body. Do your favorite sport, whatever it is. If you prefer to dance, just do it. Or, do you choose to clean your house and yard to the public streets? It’s okay, too.

In essence, moving makes those of us who are anxious and in a fight or flight psychic state calmer. It is better that physical activity is in the form of exercise because our body will produce endorphin hormones that can make us feel happy.

Seek professional help

Again, that overthinking can be realized, but sometimes neither can it. A person who does not realize that he is feeling excessively anxious for a period of time can be at risk of developing health problems. Frequent headaches, prolonged fatigue, feeling nauseous, easy abdominal pain, difficulty sleeping at night and easy to wake up when sleeping at night are some of the physical symptoms that are usually felt when we are overthinking.

To make matters worse, we often don’t really know what’s going on to overthinking. Instead of our health being at stake, why not just seek professional help? After all, it’s easy. You just need to enter the I’m Smart app. Through the Smart Counseling feature, you can chat about anything that makes you feel anxious until you can’t sleep directly with a counselor or psychologist.