What is a Quarter Life Crisis? Recognize the Signs and How to Overcome Them

Quarter life crisis, have you ever heard this phrase, Smart Buddy? Beware, don’t flip the term, not life quarter crisis or crisis life quarter – unless you’re just random or surfing search engines.

The reason is, we as users of Indonesian still use the term quarter life crisis widely. Imagine how confusing it would be if there was a misunderstanding in conveying or accepting the understanding of this quarter life crisis just because of the placement of different word sequences. So, what is a quarter life crisis?

What Is a Quarter Life Crisis?

Quarter life crises or QLC for short are times of emotional crisis that generally occur at the age of about 25 years. From the term alone, you can guess, buddy – quarter. Even so, a quarter life crisis doesn’t have to and always happens when you’re 25 years old. Some of us experience it much younger, perhaps at the age of 18, while others may experience a quarter life crisis after the age of 30.

Why is it called a quarter life crisis? Does it mean that there is a midlife crisis? Yes, in theory there is indeed a midlife crisis, Smart Buddy. Since the early 1980s, the term midlife crisis has emerged and we know it as a middle-aged crisis. Although it has never been officially recognized as a diagnosis, midlife crises usually occur in the age range of 37 to 57 years. Thus, it can be suspected that the age range of the quarter life crisis is below that of the midlife crisis.

Why is there a crisis at a young age? Emotional crises that occur at the age of about 25 years are usually triggered by our need to make long-term decisions such as the choice of college major or career. Life changes to wander and become more independent can also be the cause of the quarter life crisis. You started to get serious with your girlfriend, and were discussing marriage plans, or actually broke up after being in a relationship for so many years? It can also cause a quarter life crisis.

What Does a Quarter Life Crisis Look Like?

Okay, we already know more facts about the quarter life crisis. So, what kind of emotional crisis occurs in that quarter life crisis? How mixed are we feeling when we experience a quarter life crisis?

Because it relates to individual emotions, it is almost impossible for everyone to experience the exact same quarter-life crisis. But some of the signs when a person experiences a quarter life crisis are as follows.

Confused with life goals and the future

At the age of graduating from school, going to college, until we enter young adulthood and start working, we are quite distracted by questions like “What do you want to be? Choose where to go to college, what major? What kind of work do you want, where?” I really hope that the answers to questions like that can be auto-generated.

Envy and insecure with the lives of others

We’ve been upset with the contents of our own heads, Om or Tante is so engrossed in asking, “When is the graduation? That’s nindy already working, already married, you when?” Without even asking, we have seen on social media this Nindy, that Nindy, and the other Nindy-Nindy graduated from SNMPTN, graduated from SBMPTN, went to college, worked at SCBD, got married, had a cute baby, had an instagramable house, and so on. In the meantime you? Let’s put it this way.

Upset, anxious, worried, overthinking

Because of the insecure, we are often bothered by feelings such as “I don’t think something is right, but what should we do? Where do you start?” Not infrequently someone who experiences a quarter life crisis to the point of experiencing insomnia and lack of enthusiasm in living their days without really knowing what the real problem is.

Again, the quarter life crisis that everyone experiences is almost never exactly the same. Everyone’s emotions are certainly different. But in general, a quarter life crisis makes you feel empty, depressed, lonely, anxious, confused. The worry that keeps coming like a wave and over time it can make you trapped in fear to depression. To this extent, the impact of the quarter-life crisis cannot be underestimated.

How to Overcome The Quarter Life Crisis?

Crises in life are actually commonplace. Everyone is experiencing different crises at different times. Instead of looking at the quarter-life crisis as an enemy to watch out for, it would be nice if we knew it. So that when the time comes, we can accept reality and start looking for ways to deal with the quarter life crisis.

So, how do you get out of the quarter life crisis? Some tips for dealing with a quarter life crisis are as follows.

Recognize and love yourself

Okay, you know your favorite food to your favorite brand of clothes. But do you know, what is your best ability? If you are faster at mastering Hiragana and Katakana than the periodic table of chemical elements, for example, can you say it proudly? What activities do you like and make you feel happy when you do it? Do you feel excited or actually exhausted when interacting with many people on a regular basis? What are some things you can tolerate and not? As it turns out, buddy, there are far more important questions about ourselves than just our favorite food or brand.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Recognizing anything that we can tolerate, can accept and not is one of the ways we love ourselves. Accepting oneself and not comparing with others, with their achievements and accomplishments, is another form of self-affection. The next time you are compared to Nindy, don’t hesitate to be assertive if you feel that the situation is toxic to you. As Raline Shah said, each of us has our own journey and time.

Not staying still and trying something new

Because each of us has our own journey and time, it is difficult to determine the time frame of the quarter life crisis. Some have experienced it for several months, some have taken several years to break from the quarter life crisis. In those days, don’t stand idly by, buddy.

Gabut on a much larger and more serious scale such as a quarter life crisis can indeed make you want to lie down all the time. But believe me, your feelings will be worse if you just lie down. How to overcome the quarter life crisis by being more productive, for example by trying new activities, trying new hobbies, trying to meet new people. At a minimum, you can walk around the complex or clean the house. Even though it feels heavy, try to exercise regularly because you will feel better afterwards.

Just like its arrival, the end of the quarter-life crisis is not always realized by us. In fact, not a few people do not realize that they are experiencing a quarter life crisis. As mentioned earlier, a quarter-life crisis that is allowed to drag on and continues to worsen can lead you to a stage of depression. Again, the impact of this quarter-life crisis should not be underestimated.

Do not hesitate to contact a psychologist for help. The application already provides a Smart Counseling feature to connect you with professional counselors and psychologists, so you can get the right help.

Rest assured, someday you will thank yourself for making it through the quarter life crisis. If you look back, at that time you will be able to map the stages or phases of the quarter life crisis that you have successfully passed:

First, you feel trapped, whether in education, relationships, contractual agreements, or otherwise, so you feel like you can’t get out of that situation and aren’t sure what to do.

Second, you separate yourself from the social environment, ghosting in relationships, or even quitting work and feeling alone and lonely.

Third, you do self-reflection, looking for the meaning of life and what you really seek and want in life, to then readjust.

Finally, you are at the end of a quarter life crisis when you understand yourself and the meaning of your life better, have a greater enthusiasm in living life and look forward to the future with hope. Hopefully, you will reach this phase in the not too distant future.