Creative Teacher Supplies That Must Be In The Class

Creative Teacher Equipment That Must Be In The Classroom – Being a teacher is a position that is always carried out by every teacher every year. Moreover, the teacher’s status is an elementary school teacher. In carrying out the duties and functions as a classroom teacher, there are several things that need to be considered.

One of those things is about how the teacher can manage the class that he is in charge of well. The goal is clear, so that the class taught by the teacher becomes an bagus, interesting, and organized class for students.

Creative Teacher Supplies That Must Be In The Class

Some things that a teacher should pay attention to in his class include:

1. Classroom Mebel

Classroom mebel is a mandatory thing that must be in the classroom. Its usefulness is very penting in supporting teaching and learning activities in the classroom. If these items are not in the classroom, it is difficult to imagine how the teaching and learning process can take place.

For this tipe of class mebel, it is categorized into 2 tipes, namely mandatory mebel and additional (optional) mebel.

Compulsory mebel that must be in the classroom include:

  • 1 unit of teacher’s chair and desk.
  • The number of students in the class is as many as the number of students in the class.
  • A blackboard, either with chalk or a whiteboard complete with writing utensils, erasers, and other equipment such as rulers, compasses, bows, and others.
  • Closet to put books so they don’t scatter.
  • While additional mebel that can be added can be in the form of shoe racks, flower vases, wall clocks, various posters and others that are useful.

2. Learning Tools

Learning devices are equipment that teachers must have in order to carry out teaching and learning activities. As a profesional teacher, you are required to have all kinds of learning tools.

The aim is as a reference in carrying out teaching and learning activities in the classroom. The tipes of learning tools that must be owned vary, depending on the tipe of curriculum that is being run at the school.

There are several learning tools that a classroom teacher usually must have, including:

  • Education calendar
  • Annual Program
  • Semester Program
  • Syllabus
  • Learning Implementation Rencana (RPP)
  • Complete Assessment Toolkit (Analysis, grade books, enrichment and remedial programs, etc.)
    And others.

3. Class Administration

Class administration is a dukungan for teaching and learning activities of teachers in the classroom in the form of various devices, both technical and non-technical devices. Class administration will provide data on everything in the classroom, be it students, teachers, to class equipment.

Some examples of classroom administration include:

  • Various class administration books. Such as guest books, attendance books, grade books, supervision books, report cards receipts and retrieval books, visiting books, guidance books, and so on.
  • Class data board containing student identities.
  • Attendance board.
  • Cleaning picket lists, class organizational structures, lesson schedules, studi grups, to class inventory lists.

4. Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools are used by students in order to maintain the cleanliness of the classroom. Without this equipment, it is impossible for a classroom to be kept clean. Some examples of cleaning tools that are usually in the classroom include: floor brooms, broom sticks, trash cans, dusters, floor rags, buckets, and so on.

5. Class Gallery

Class galleries are usually designated as a place to display and exhibit the work or crafts of the creativity of students. The purpose of the class gallery is to better appreciate the work of students.

With class galleries, the work that students have worked so hard for can be seen by others. So that this will foster enthusiasm and pride in students.

Class galleries can be placed in one corner of the classroom. It could also be on one of the classroom walls. The items on display can be the work of students such as pictures, crafts from used goods, dolls, masks, or other objects made by students themselves.

6. Reading Corner

The reading corner is used as a place to kanal students’ interest in reading. In addition, with the existence of a reading corner, students will be akistomed to reading books in their spare time. This will provide many benefits for them.

The reading corner can be placed in one corner of the classroom, it can be a cupboard or a shelf that contains a variety of interesting books. The reading corner is likened to a mini library in the classroom. Existing books must be up-dated frequently so as not to bore students.

7. Wall Magazine

Wall magazines functioned as a container that can accommodate the creativity of students. With the wall magazine, students will be taught to be creative individuals in expressing themselves.

The forms of self-expression that can be placed on wall magazines include poetry, picture stories, parafrases, paintings, or other unique things that have positive nilai for them.

Teaching Aids

There are several examples of teaching aids that teachers must have in carrying out classroom learning, such as:

1. Learning Implementation Rencana (RPP)

The Learning Implementation Rencana or what teachers are often akrab with with the termin RPP is a reference that teachers must have when carrying out learning in the classroom. RPP can lead teachers so that the material delivered is in sync with the Basic Competency and Competency Standars (SKKD).

Therefore, RPP can be said to be part of teaching aids for teachers in the classroom. The lesson plans that are adapted to the learning syllabus are usually made on sheets of paper, for example, RPP 1 sheet for elementary school, lesson rencana for 1 sheet for junior high school, lesson rencana for 1 sheet for high school, lesson rencana for 1 sheet for vocational school, and others.

2. Teacher’s Book and Student’s Book

Furthermore, teaching aids when the teacher is in class that you must use are textbooks, both textbooks for students and textbooks for teachers. The root of the discussion of the material in class that we will use as teaching material, which comes from school books, of course.

This package book is usually widely used by educators when delivering material in class. Especially in ancient times before the existence of sophisticated learning media using technology as it is today.

3. Stationery

Office Stationery (ATK) needs to be owned by a teacher in class. This stationery is used to write attendance, cek and assess student practice, as well as to write on the whiteboard.

The tipes of teaching aids in the classroom include: black and white pens (ballpoints), pencils and drill markers (whiteboard markers).

4. Whiteboard Toolkit

This whiteboard is a learning media tool that must be in the classroom. In the past, the blackboard used in the classroom for learning was made of plywood which was painted black or what was often called a blackboard. After progressing, the blackboard is replaced with a whiteboard or called a whiteboard.

In today’s world, with the growing role of technology, some schools and campuses also use digital whiteboards as a tool to make it easier for teachers to teach.

5. Netbook Tools

Netbook is a teacher’s tool in running learning media used to compile learning materials and desain Learning Implementation Plans (RPP). The material that is arranged is usually in the form of powerpoint, which will be displayed on the proyektor.

The benchmark is that today’s school students are more technology literate. Therefore, previous teachers must up-date to keep up with the times. Thus, teachers are required to be able to master technology such as this netbook.

6. Proyektor Aids

Proyektor is a Learning Aid used to display learning media such as; Posts, Images, and Videos. I think this technology is very good and helps to facilitate the work of teachers when teaching in class. So that some students easily understand the material that you explain.

Unfortunately this infocus facility is not yet available in every school. Especially in remote schools, which forces teachers to be more creative in using and creating school learning media facilities.

7. Clock Tool

The clock here is an auxiliary media or supporting the limitation of the time duration of the father / mother when teaching in class. Because many teachers teach in class, they often go too far to teach, suddenly the time is up. Even as I often pengalaman myself, because of the convenience of explaining to students, it’s time to go too far.

In addition to going too far, sometimes the material is not conveyed because time runs out in a hurry. In the above case it often occurs in schools that do not have a school bell or sirene. So the clock is very necessary if the father / mother.

Those are some of the Teaching Aids that a teacher must have in the classroom, which are generally mandatory for a teacher when carrying out the learning process in the classroom.