The characteristics of a healthy school that you need to know

Characteristics of a Healthy School You Need to Know – School is a place used for teaching and learning activities. At school, students will spend almost half of the time they have in a day to gain knowledge. For them, school is a second home. Their teacher is a second parent to them.As an institution engaged in education, schools must provide the best servis for the community. One of them is to be a healthy school. That is, healthy schools are schools that provide guarantees in terms of health for their students.

However, to become a healthy school, there are several indicators that must be met by the school. Becoming a healthy school is not only a real kampanye from the government, but must be implemented in a tangible form in the school environment.

With health insurance in schools, it is certain that students can stay healthy and can participate in all school activities comfortably. In addition, a healthy school will provide many benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Make the school environment pleasant and comfortable to see.
  • The air quality in the school environment is clean.
  • Keep students away from various diseases.
  • Make teaching and learning activities more comfortable and free.
  • Encouraging students’ enthusiasm for learning.

On the other hand, a dirty and unhealthy school will do the opposite. An unhealthy school will disrupt and hinder all activities in the school. Some things that might be caused if the school environment is not healthy include:

  • Students are not focused on learning because the environment is dirty, smelly, and uncomfortable.
  • Students are susceptible to disease and often miss school.
  • Poor air quality that interferes with breathing.
  • Unsightly, causing negative responses from the public.
  • Now, after you know the various benefits and drawbacks of a healthy and unhealthy school environment, you should start now to maintain the school environment so that it becomes a healthy school.

Some of the criteria that must be met by a school in order to be considered a healthy school include the following:

Clean and Comfortable Environment

The first and most important indicator in order to create a healthy school is the state of the school environment itself. Basically, the state of the environment is the first thing visible to the eye. A healthy school, of course, must have a clean and comfortable environment.

Some parts of the environment are school grounds, classrooms, school canteens, parking lots and various other corners of the school. A healthy school will have a clean school yard from various garbage. Whether it’s in the form of paper, plastic, bottles, and various other garbage.

In addition to the yard, the cleanliness of the classroom is also very important. Because students will learn in class. A clean class is a class where the condition of the classroom is regulerly cleaned every day. This means that the classroom is free from various kinds of dust, dirt in desk drawers, the front gutter of the school is clean, until the upper corner of the class is free from dirt.

There are Cleaning Suport Facilities

The second indicator is having hygiene suport facilities. Various supporting facilities for cleanliness include having lots of trash cans, cleaning tools, waste banks and various posters about the importance of keeping schools clean.

Trash cans play an important role in keeping the school clean. A healthy school should have lots of trash cans. The trash cans can be placed in various corners of the school that are easily accessible by students. Trash cans can be placed inside and outside the classroom (1 piece each), in the school canteen, in the school yard, in the library, in the office, and in various other corners around the school.

With this trash can, students will find it easier to dispose of existing garbage. If the trash can is full, students must be instilled in them to always dispose of and accommodate it in a wider place such as a waste bank, before it is destroyed.

In addition, the availability of cleaning tools such as brooms, brushes, and rags will also dukungan routine cleaning activities carried out by students. It will be much easier for them to keep the school environment clean with this equipment. We recommend that cleaning tools must be provided in full in every room in the school.

Then what is no less important is instilling the importance of a culture of maintaining cleanliness which will provide many benefits for them. Some things that can be done include making various posters with the theme of cleanliness and health that will remind them of all the time, providing socialization with related parties (eg puskesmas) about the importance of cleanliness and health, as well as the dangers of various diseases.

Sports Education

At school, there is one subject that is closely related to health. The subjects are Physical Education, Sports, and Health. The content in this subject is not only how to maintain physical fitness and various kinds of sports, but also the importance of maintaining health.

So sports education not only teaches about various sports, but also includes other things that are no less important, namely health. Some routine activities in sports education that can be used to support a healthy school program are routine gymnastics habits for all school members which can be done once a week or even more.

In addition, the material content in sports subjects also teaches about the dangers of various diseases that can attack students, the dangers of using illegal drugs, and various healthy lifestyles in everyday life.

Have a Healthy Canteen

The fourth indicator is the availability of a healthy canteen in the school environment. It is very common to find so many schools that have not implemented the existence of this healthy school canteen. Students will be allowed to eat snacks at school traders who may sell unhealthy food and drinks to students.

The existence of a healthy canteen can play an important role in making schools healthy without limiting students’ snack habits. That is, the school provides a place that can be used by traders to meet the snack needs of students in the school environment.

The important thing for schools to pay attention to is to ensure that all these vendors sell snacks, either in the form of healthy food or drinks. In addition, the cleanliness of a healthy canteen must always be considered.

With the existence of this healthy canteen, the health of students will be guaranteed. Because they will no longer buy snacks from illegal traders who do not clearly guarantee the health of their food. With this canteen, schools must prohibit illegal traders or those who do not meet the criteria for healthy food.

Adequate Classroom

Adequate classrooms are classrooms that ensure the comfort of learning for their students. The comfort can be in the form of learning comfort because the room is clean, the room has good air exchange, the room is according to the standard of comfort.

Schools must really pay attention to the density of learning spaces for students. Classrooms that are not crowded will make students more flexible to move and learn. A healthy and comfortable classroom must also be free from noise that can interfere with ear health and interfere with learning.

In addition, classrooms must have adequate ventilation. This is intended to always maintain the air quality in the classroom. Classrooms must also have sufficient lighting levels so as not to interfere with eye vision.

There is a Clean Water Source

The existence of clean water can not be separated from various sectors of life. Not only in the home environment, in the community, in public facilities, but also in schools. The availability of clean water will make all school activities run smoothly.

A healthy school is a school that always ensures the availability of clean water in it. Clean water must always be available in the toilet to make it easier for students to urinate or defecate. You can’t imagine how a school has toilets, but there is little or no water. This would be very unhealthy.

In addition, the existence of hand washing stations in various corners of the school is very important. This means that students can easily keep their hands clean. Hands are the part of the body that are most often used in activities, hands are the most vulnerable place for various dirt and germs to stick.

Dirty hands will make students susceptible to disease. Therefore, the placement of adequate hand washing facilities will be able to familiarize students with washing their hands diligently, especially before eating in the school environment.

Standard Toilet (WC)

The next indicator is the availability of adequate, sufficient, and appropriate toilet facilities for students. A healthy toilet is a toilet that is always clean, odorless, and has sufficient water availability.

A healthy toilet must have a reservoir for water, soap, and cleaning equipment in it. The presence of water that is always available will facilitate the activities of students at school, cleaning tools will keep the toilets clean, and the presence of soap is to ensure the cleanliness of students’ hands when they are finished with activities in the toilet.

The parameter of the ideal toilet (WC) ratio according to the standard is a minimum of 1: 25 toilets (WC) for female students and a minimum of 1: 40 toilets (WC) for male students. This means that schools must provide the ideal number of toilets (WC) depending on the number of students.


There are many dangers that can be caused by smoking, especially for children. Even the toxic content of cigarettes will be more dangerous for passive smokers than the smokers themselves.

A healthy school is a school that ensures that all residents in it are free from the harmful toxins of cigarette smoke. Every school citizen is required not to smoke in the school environment. Whether it’s educators, education staff, staff, snack sellers, to people who enter the school environment.

Schools must provide posters or stickers about the prohibition of smoking in the school environment. The goal is clear to always remind and strictly prohibit the existence of smoking greetings in the school environment.

There is a UKS Unit

School Health Efforts (UKS) also have an important role in maintaining and campaigning for healthy school programs. UKS has many benefits, especially for students in the school environment. UKS will provide services in the health sector in the school environment. This is very important to always deal with if, for example, students are found to be sick while attending school.

UKS will teach about a healthy lifestyle. Its existence can also be used as the first choice to help students who are sick. A good UKS must have a bed, weight scales and height measuring devices, simple medicines, health aids, and a medical record book that can be used as a reference from the school.


Every school should provide the best service in the field of education. Being a healthy school will have a big impact on the development of students. Every school should be expected to meet the criteria for a healthy school above.

Health is the most important thing in life. Healthy students will support all activities at school, so that the national goals of education can be achieved as well as possible.

Thus the article about the characteristics of a healthy school that you need to know. May be useful.