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Contribute in Google Language Translator project

In our daily life we are talking or writing. What ever we are doing we are using our own language. Now you can translate your language in any language by Google Translate tool. Google Translate is a free multilingual statistical machine translation service provided ...Read More

Online Doctor’s Appointment Service

Finding the right doctor and getting an appointment have always been a challenge for majority of the people in Bangladesh. Even if you knew the hospital you wanted to get an appointment from, you get stuck with their constantly busy phone. And, when you ...Read More

How Chrome took over the world (infographic)

Since bursting onto the scene in 2008, Chrome has gained momentum to the point where in 2014, it was chrome the king crowned king of the browsers by nudging out Firefox and Internet Explorer in terms of market share. According to user data from ...Read More

Top 20 awesome technology invention in 2014

Everyday different types of technology are inventing all over the world. Lets see in above video some most popular invention in last year 2014. The popularity measured by their sale and uses. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you like this video please share with ...Read More

Medical library in your mobile!!!

Leading pharmaceutical company Eskayef Bangladesh has recently launched an android-based mobile application for doctors taking preparation for medical post-graduation. This android-based mobile application is the pioneer initiative in Pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. The app–Esoral Medi-Quiz—has been developed under the sponsorship of Esoral, one of Eskayef’s ...Read More

Google chooses the best designed apps in this summer

As each season, the company Google updates its selection of applications with best design available content store Google Play. A list that includes games, applications and tools that have gotten the attention of publishers have a different, visually appealing and highly accomplished. One feature ...Read More

Your next password will come out of your body

There are many things about you that make you different from everyone else. Do not just talk about things like your size, or your particular sense of humor. No, we are talking about quantifiable, measurable things and allow distinguish a computer from someone else. ...Read More