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Basic differences between ASP.NET and PHP

Nowadays PHP and ASP.NET are using rapidly for web applications development. Both has huge extra ordinary components and features for dynamic web site development. But there some unique difference between PHP and ASP.NET. 1) Development Cost- Both are same but ASP.NET is more on Rapid-Application-Development ...Read More

Beware of minor purchases from mobiles and tablets

In summer children spend much leisure time at the computer, mobile phone or tablet. In principle, these distractions do not have to be bad, but not exceeding healthy limits of time, and should not rely on them as digital babysitters. However, the fact that ...Read More

5 solutions to fix a flaw in Android application  

An application of the operating system, Android can fail for many reasons. Besides the usual tricks to speed up a mobile Android, there are other solutions that can enable us to fix a crashing application without changing mobile without desist from using that application. ...Read More

How to fight with the Hijackers of computers

Turning on the computer we find that before starting a message from an unknown security company warns us that our unit has been attacked by malware and can not be turned, so that only by applying the program they propose appears, we can eliminate ...Read More

The technology through the eyes of teenagers

Stop complaining that young people today are addicted to their phones. The question you should be asking is: What do they know that you do not? Although you may not believe, there are advantages of using technology as teenagers do. I asked a handful ...Read More