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Medical library in your mobile!!!

Leading pharmaceutical company Eskayef Bangladesh has recently launched an android-based mobile application for doctors taking preparation for medical post-graduation. This android-based mobile application is the pioneer initiative in Pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. The app–Esoral Medi-Quiz—has been developed under the sponsorship of Esoral, one of Eskayef’s ...Read More

Is the iPad better than other tablets?

During its first years of existence, the iPad has been the undisputed leader of the tablet market. However, other manufacturers today, also grabbing a significant share of sales with equivalent quality devices. According to Gartner, in 2013 the iPad (both the iPad Mini and ...Read More

Top 10 Security Applications    

Computer security is something that concerns us all to a greater or lesser extent. I said in previous posts that this concern mismanaged, I obsess us every click we make in our daily lives, making some almost back to paper and pencil. While it ...Read More

Applications to protect your smartphone

For its price and capabilities, some smart phones are the object of desire of foreign friends, if not ourselves that we leave them forgotten in the terrace of a bar. There are several guidelines that can be followed in case of loss or theft ...Read More

The war for having the best in the TV panel

At a time when the LCD TVs with LED lighting dominate the market it stands to reason that they are the best alternative. And it may be true if we value different aspects such as the image quality and product cost. But only if ...Read More

Review of software for Digital Video Editing

Until a few years ago, video editing was beyond the scope of educational institutions as to carry out expensive and sophisticated equipment is required in addition to the technical experts operate. The current situation is very different; first, a computer with a relatively affordable ...Read More

The usual apps that consume more energy

One of the most important tools in our time is the smartphone, a device that we use all the time to help in our work, social life and of course entertainment. But the big concern generated by the very fact of having a smart ...Read More