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SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are a little different from your ordinary business website, most notably because the e-commerce business owner is trying not only to get more website traffic, but is trying to get all of those website visitors to buy something.  So the goals are ...Read More

10 SEO best practices website owner should know

Search engine optimization (SEO) can easily create difference between a website that has no visitors and a website with full of visitors. Boost your website by following these 10 SEO best practices. 1. Do your research for the best keywords for your niche: Prepare ...Read More

How a photographer can improve SEO

We are used to always talk in ALTFoto photographic equipment, exciting projects, unusual places, tips and tricks to improve different aspects of photography, but we tend to forget the importance of publicizing the work and get published anywhere. Maybe many of you are working ...Read More

What is the plus of the social network of Google?

Google Plus (Google+), the social enterprise network, it’s like a ghost town. Do you want to see a fellow baby or publish If you’re on vacation? Most likely, however, use Facebook. But Google is not worried. It may be that Google Plus is not ...Read More