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Choosing a laptop in 2014

The sale of laptops in the first quarter of 2013 recorded a rise of 15%, after several years of declines. Without this data is to be considered significant of what will happen the rest of the year, yes, it could indicate that the market ...Read More

Things you should know about your laptop

Today I have brought for you a list of things you should know about your laptop or portable eye that this is taken from the web, especially I can say that many of things I’ve seen in person and as people are not aware ...Read More

An ultrabook with a very good and balanced outcome

The Toshiba Portégé Z30 is one of the most balanced Ultrabooks that can be found on the market today. A team that is located in the wall between users and multimedia professionals, with many arguments to become one of the best portable works light ...Read More

Be introduced with a powerful multimedia laptop

The HP Envy 17 is an influential multimedia laptop, thought to function as the center of the home multimedia. Play games, watch movies or browse through the new platform Windows 8.1 with touch screen of HD resolution. Also, for those who want a different ...Read More

New Acer Aspire S7 with more advantages for us

The main advantage of a laptop is that, as its name suggests, is comfortable to carry. This is a device best light but keep an appropriate screen size to work comfortably, a point where ultrabooks are the best option available. The Taiwanese company Acer ...Read More