Chromecast, tested Google key to see YouTube on TV

If you do not yet have a Smart TV, Google has the solution. The Internet Company has launched a simple accessory that connects via port HDMI TV that allows you to convert your television into a smart platform. Chromecast can transfer live video platform ...Read More

10 surprising true story of the Internet

Today I will share some true stories of the Internet world. Many of you may know some of the story but i believe there is something special information that must gives you some good feeling. So let’s start. 1. Total Internet User We know ...Read More

Tips for photographing nature

These tips are laced the Russian photographer Alexey Ebel, specializing in wildlife and nature, has participated in the WWF International conservation expedition to the Taimyr Peninsula in the Laptev Sea (Siberia). We leave you with the press release and tips:  Canon, as Conservative member ...Read More

Nokia Lumia 630 set a new midrange just interesting

Following the official announcement of the new features of Windows Phone 8.1, Nokia has introduced new smartphones to debut this version of operating system of Microsoft. As has become customary, the Nordic manufacturer committed to cover various ranges and goes to the middle segment ...Read More